This hand painted hand woven silk scarf is inspired by the colours of the sunsets on the Isle of Skye.


Made with the finest quality silk yarns, the warp has been hand dyed in shades of violet and fuchsia then woven with a hand dyed weft of fuchsia bringing an irridescence, richness and depth to the scarf.


Jaine has created The Sunset Collection celebrating the incredible colours of the sunset on the Isle of Skye. The sunsets last for ages in the spring and summer, with bright vibrant colours of purples and violets, blues and pinks, flame colours of oranges, reds and yellows or sometimes soft colours of apricot, peach and rose.


The stripes of colour are arranged in the Fibonnacci series inspired by the streaks of colour across the sky and the 2/2 twill and hopsack combination weave structure was chosen to mimic the patterning and texture of the colours on the clouds. This weave structure also gives a beautiful soft drape and sheen.

Each piece is individually designed and has been carefully woven on a traditional 8 shaft floor loom, creating an individual and luxurious silk textile with a focus on colour and quality. This one-off artisan textile is finished with hand hemstitching and a Skye Silks label.


Skye Silks studio looks across Jaine’s Croft and the moorland to Macleods Tables. Shrubs and trees huddle against the old dry stone walls covered with lichen and moss. Little streams rush across the land and there is always colour from the plants, flowers, leaves and berries through the year.  The colours glow in the sunshine or are muted on the misty days giving endless variety.  The sunrises and sunsets are vibrant crazy colours and the green, purple of the Aurora can be seen on the horizon in winter when the weather allows. 


Your scarf will be delivered beautifully packaged in a Skye Silks gift box.


Approximate scarf measurements:
Length : 176cm/69" plus 2.5cm/1" fringes
Width: 20cm / 8″

100% Silk


Please note that all scarves are sent first class signed for delivery

Fuchsia Sky - Sunset Collection Handwoven Silk Scarf

  • Hand wash in lukewarm water

    Roll in a towel to absorb excess water

    Iron while wet to remove creases

    Iron again when dry to soften fabric and bring out the sheen


    Do not machine wash

    Do not tumble dry


    Some excess dye may rinse out on dark/strong/blue colours, this will not affect the colour of the item