Hand dyed and hand pleated Arashi Shibori silk scarf in colours of turquoise and aqua with hints of blue.

Hand rolled hems.

Delivered in a gift box.


Arashi Shibori is the Japanese art of pleating and dyeing fabric.  The silk is first dyed in the base colours, ironed dry and then folded and bound around a pole or tube.  The bound silk is pushed up the pole to create pleats and then overdyed with contrasting dye colours.  The silk is steamed on the pole to set the dyes and the pleats and can take up to 2 days to dry.  The pleats are semi-permanent which means the scarves will retain their pleats unless they are washed, therefore, please dry clean the scarves.


Measurements: 150cm x 20cm pleated (180cm x 40cm before pleating)

Turquoise Arashi Shibori Silk Scarf

  • The pleats are semi permanent.  Dry clean in a net bag to retain the pleats.

    Store coiled to preserve pleats, do not crush.